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Our Mission:

Building a Strong Community, through Building Strong Neighborhoods




Commitment to Community (C2C) is a grassroots-centered program that provides the underlying infrastructure to support residents currently living in some of Walla Walla's most economically-challenged neighborhoods.

C2C starts at the ground level where the people are by gradually building relationships and trust with and among neighborhood residents. Its focus is to work alongside them in a grassroots manner without an agenda other than to build a sense of ownership among neighbors and their related issues. In addition, community partnerships support C2C, broadening its capacity to act as a "hub of trust" and/or a "point of entry" for other providers and entities to deliver their services.

Our goal is to build capacity in neighborhoods by helping residents to organize and create social capital. This is one of the key elements of neighborhood revitalization. When neighbors engage with each other, they create the confidence and the resolve to achieve the goals that they define, and own.

Our job at C2C is to facilitate, encourage, and assist the residents of Walla Walla's neighborhoods to find and build their dreams.

C2C is a program of Blue Mountain Action Council.


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